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Aladumo International Schools is a Christ-centered, co-educational institution established in 1987, by Rev. Dr. Favour Ingor Ogan, a seasoned and renowned educationist who held several positions in the Rivers State Ministry of Education as an English Teacher, Principal, Chief Inspector of Education, and held several portfolios as Commissioner in the Rivers State Executive Council. For over twenty-five years, she invested her wealth of experience and education in this establishment.

The school has grown since then and has a creche, a pre-nursery, a primary and a high school which have become known for excellence in character and learning. We are a collaboration of children, families, teachers and caregivers for wholesome development. We believe in providing all children and families an environment that is secure, safe, caring, loving, nurturing, and friendly. We encourage and accept a range of cultures and diversities within these environments. Aladumo is proud to have qualified, caring and professional educators who closely liaise with our families to build trusting, respectful relationships with the children who have individual qualities and developmental needs. We believe in equal opportunities for all families, and include them in all facets of the educational and developmental learning of the child.

We are always available for families to voice their input and concerns at any time. Our school promotes building friendships among educators, children, families and the wider community. In order for this to happen, we hold a range of family activities throughout the year, which encourage family and community involvement within our locality.

Here, we believe that family-educator correspondence is a vital way to discuss children's individual development and progress in school. Our teachers and caregivers are passionate about all children and their learning, and are trained to provide adequate care and succour in the absence of their parents. We aim to support your child and extend his/her learning opportunities by creating the enabling environment wherein we encourage them to form healthy relationships fostering growth and respect for self and others. We endeavour to meet the need of children's natural curiosity and interest by providing opportunities for them to experiment, discover, problem-solve and find out about themselves, each other and the world around them. While doing so, we ensure that we always incorporate all areas of the national and international learning framework based on the curriculum that allows the educators follow the children's interests and development. I believe that every child in our care should have the opportunity to become aware of cultures other than theirs. Each child should be given time to grow, to try, to reflect and to experience success so that they are able to face future challenges, build on their strengths and accept their individual limitations without the fear or failure, or the loss of self-esteem. Our programs include long-range goals for groups as well as for individual children. Planning is with the emphasis that learning is a holistic, interactive process covering all development. We will provide for each child’s learning progress and achievement, which you are more than welcome to view at any stage throughout the year. At Aladumo, we regularly evaluate all practices to continually update and improve the quality of services and standard of care we provide.

We offer exciting extra-curricular clubs and activities including Literary and Debating Societies, The Martial Arts Club, Swimming Club, Young Entrepreneurs Club, Chess Club, The Dance Class, STEM Club, Jets Club, a Physical Education program and a Music program, amongst others, all of which are specifically designed to promote all areas of a child's development.


In today's world, there is a push towards sensitizing and accepting cohabitation. In this regard, Aladumo is a preferred brand because here, discipline is our watchword and morality is upheld. We believe that the school community should be a happy one to inculcate the right values into the child, and by so doing, equip him or her to fit into the larger society. The children come in green and unequipped, but leave disciplined, mature, independent and better prepared to face the realities of life. Our students are grateful for the additional educational support provided by their peers and tutors, and the after-hours access to school facilities that boarding affords them. They value the diversity of cultures represented and enjoy learning about the lives and experiences of their co-boarders and colleagues. But most of all, our boarders appreciate the opportunity to make life-long friends as they share the common experience of living away from home. Our boarding house is a happy, vibrant community where the mix of boarders and the contributors of their families add much to the tapestry of our school.

'ALADUMO' is a phrase coined from one of the linguistic variations of the Ijaw ethnic group in Southern Nigeria. It simply means 'A LIFE OF WEALTH.'


Our vision is to develop the child morally, academically and socially, and instil in him or her the fear and love of God, without whom we are nothing, and compassion for mankind; to nurture future leaders, helping them discover their potentials within a very competitive society.


We are on a mission:

  • To deliver a hybrid international curriculum supported by task and evidence-based research and global best practice.
  • To make the best use of resources and information to achieve and maintain an efficient and effective learning environment.
  • To educate our pupils and students to be good citizens who possess leadership skills and values based on traditional Christian ethics.
  • To promote excellence in our schools by employing teaching professionals who are passionate, knowledgeable and highly skilled in their field.
  • Encouraging pupils and students to lead healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise and sports.
  • Investing in our staff through effective professional development, training, and retraining, and talent management.
  • Supporting and actively contributing to our local community.
  • Recognizing and celebrating effort, achievement and excellence.