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Primary School

"An Aladumo Child cultivates the pursuit of academic, moral, physical, personal and civic excellence and leadership!!!"

Primary School Curriculum

Aladumo International Primary School proudly maintains uncommon quality in teaching and meeting high expectations for learning in an environment that values scholarship and achievement. Our curriculum is an effective blend of the Nigerian and British Curricula, encouraging them to be more globally-minded. Children here cultivate the pursuit of academic, moral, physical, personal and civic excellence and leadership. Our courses include:

  1. Mathematics
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Mental Mathematics
  2. ICT (Computer Studies)
  3. Character Development / Etiquette
  4. Music
  5. Number Crunching
  6. English broken down into
    • Grammar
    • Comprehension
    • Creative Writing
    • Spelling/Dictation
    • Vocabulary Instruction
    • Phonics
  7. General Science
  8. Bible Knowledge
  9. Social Studies
  10. Verbal Reasoning
  11. Non Verbal Reasoning
  12. Creative Art

Children are trained in the art of public speaking and presentation and they exude admirable confidence in speaking before groups, no matter how small or mammoth they may be. School exhibitions and competitions are held regularly, bordering on science, history and literacy. Inhouse contests; quizzes and debates are encouraged and keenly participated in by our pupils. Diction, as well as telephone, talk and table etiquette are painstakingly taught in order to give a further boost to our children’s self-confidence and cause them to be more responsible global citizens. We offer opportunities for superior scholarship at Aladumo, yet never lose sight of the importance of teaching values that impact character and integrity. Our Teachers aspire to ignite a passion for learning in our pupils so that education is viewed not only in terms of earning certificates, but as an ongoing quest for knowledge.